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Welcome to the Biggles web site.

An artist and designer, Biggles creates unusual
odd objects, or one of a kinds, for 3D illustration, private commission, and advertising, as well as being a noted interactive designer and teacher.

This site was launched 1996, with the current design produced an embarrassingly long time ago! It is intended to be a lighthearted gallery and commissioning point.

The focus is on
odd objects, with smaller sections devoted to graphics and teaching. He also creates websites by commission.

Why not take off and go for a spin?

Biggles started making odd objects 42 years ago, first as 3D illustrations, then later as art objects in their own right.

This work is used in interiors, for advertising, visual effects, commissioned as art or very special gifts.

He enjoys making the "impossible" exist, following a characteristic pattern of wit and whimsy.

Beginning a freelance career as a graphic designer and art director after leaving the Royal College of Art, Biggles broad interests have been reflected in his professional life ever since.

His graphic work has spread across the 2D-3D boundary, from health education booklets to rock promo's, and
web site design.

An interactive designer, illustrator, and sculptor, as well as being a tutor at one of London’s large design schools...

Find out about the man behind the work on this website...

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